Sunday, July 31, 2011

*Giggle*fest: China Glaze LOL (OMG)

Today's mani post is a SUPER OOBER SMOOPER DUPER one :D See IF you are a nail polish girl LIKE ME, you know that holo polishes are like the holy grail of nail polish.......high coveted and sought after. Especially linear holographic polishes. What is a linear holographic polish you ask. Well firstly a holo (or holographic polish) is one that shines like a rainbow in the sunlight. There are two types one that is scattered or has specks of holo graphic glitter in the polish, so it shines rainbow in the sun but speckled not in a line. Linear holographic is a polish that's holo particles are so small it makes the whole nail look holographic and it shines like a rainbow in lines down the nail.

Well I was lucky enough to get a few polishes from the China Glaze OMG line in a swap from my friend Kate :D (THANK YOU KATE!!) The China Glaze OMG line was from a few years back and is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO hard to find, so I feel SO blessed to have been able to get these. Kate so TOTALLY made my year with the 3 she sent me!! *love*

My pictures do NOT do it justice and this looks WAY better in person :D This polish is called "LOL"

I give you........ "Giggle"fest

(and as usual YES it's mess NO I don't care......PLUS ignore the pink on my thumb......that's what I get for painting my girls' toes pink right before I paint my fingers LOL HAHA)

and in the shade to see the color of the polish, it is a nice medium purple:

Thank you SO much for reading my mani post today!! :D

Love & Sparkles,

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Kari said...

This looks FABULOUS on you, Debby! Isn't Katie the bestest? I have holo polish from Katie on my tootsies right now, just haven't gotten a blog post together yet. *squish*