Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy "Embrace Your Geekness" Day!!! - "Potter Party in Geekatopia"

Hey there everyone! HAPPY "EMBRACE YOUR GEEKNESS" DAY!!! Today is one of those obscure holidays that no one knows about....but I decided to celebrate it by doing a Harry Potter mani, since the new movie goes into theaters this weekend!! YAY!!! It's SO bitter sweet considering it's the last one. So this is for all my fellow "Potter" heads (LMFaO)

I give you "Potter Party in Geekatopia"

Pinky - Wands, Ring - stripes (like the scarves), Middle - Lightening Bolt, Index -
Harry's Glasses and Thumb - Sorting Hats

(obviously not cleaned up but I like letting them dry and washing my hands to get the edges clean.........SO you get to see messy pictures and I don't care LOL :D )

Thanks for stopping by and sharing in my geekness celebration! LOL

Love & Sparkles,



Jeanie said...

I don't know that much about HP, but I do love your manicures and your nail art!

Jenprewitt said...

OMG, I LOVE IT!!! Glad I'm not the only one that did a geeky mani for today!!!

Amber from Rainbows&Sparkles said...

LOVE!!! I'm finishing up mine now!

thalie said...

that's cute! It seems like every day is some day and each month is "some" month.

I tagged you for the Top Ten Award

Amber said...

Love it!!!!!!

DebbyL said...

Thank you everyone!

kristyjoy said...

OMG the glasses had me laughing out loud. :)