Monday, July 11, 2011

What's in my purse!!

Okay the lovely Ms.Ashley over at "Polished Components" tagged me in her "What's in my purse" post. Go check her out here:

Okay I am going to do this slightly different.........the idea is to dump your purse, answer the questions and tag 5 bloggers...........I can't for the life of me think of anyone who hasn't already done this one SO instead of tagging bloggers I am going to challenge my facebook friends to dump their purses, post pics and answer the questions!! DO IT DO IT DO IT!!

*Where did you get your purse, and how long have you had it?*
I got my purse from my closest friend, Melissa <3 (who will probably never read this.......) She gave it to me for my birthday last year. It technically is the only real purse I own and I do not carry it every time I leave the house LOL. I have been carrying it more and more lately though.

What are 3 must-haves in your purse?(Not including keys and wallet)
Phone, lip gloss and a hair tie

What is something you should have in your purse right now, but don’t?
(and this is funny because Ashley said the same thing but) Gum I always carry some but chewed my last piece last time I carried my purse........ LOL

What is the thing you have the most of in your purse right now?
This is hard because I don't carry much. SO I guess I can say "hair items" since there is a comb, a hair tie and a clip. But then again I could say makeup because I have a clinique compact and 2 glosses. I guess there is a tie!! LOL But there are also two receipts (because I am WAY too lazy to take them out evidently).

I have to add that normally I carry my ID and bank card and/or a little cash when I carry my purse so I don't have to carry my wallet, since it won't fit in my purse.


Love and Sparkles,



Geo58 said...

Hey Debby: That's a small purse, love the wrist loop, but not for me, LOL Love the design and the color though, can't weigh that much either. Kudos.


George :)

ambern1984 said...

Phone, lip gloss and a pen! there is normally a pacifier in there too lol