Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pretty Pretty Shiny Shiny: Mirror Madness!!

SO over this past weekend my good friend Tisha came and gave me 5 new nail polishes BECAUSE SHE ROCKS!!! She gave me 5 different Avon Mirror Shines, which I had mentioned that I wanted to try *excited* These are my FIRST Avon polishes!!

Well you KNOW I couldn't pick which one to try first LOL.......

SO Mirror Shine skittles baby!! I give you "Mirror Madness"

AGAIN I didn't clean up before taking fact I slapped this polish on right before having to leave for all five of my kids' dentist appointments so I was afraid that I would ruin it before I came they weren't even dry in these pics! LOL

Avon Mirror Shine - Pink Ice, 2 coats

Avon Mirror Shine - Glisten, 1 coat!!!! Opaque in ONE coat! <3

Avon Mirror Shine - Blaze, 1 coat!!!! Opaque in ONE coat! <3

Avon Mirror Shine - Peach Ice, 2 coats

Avon Mirror Shine - Polish, 1 coat!!!! Opaque in ONE coat! <3

SO needless to say I am pleasantly suprized by the application and quality of this polish. I have had this on for 2 days and the only spot that chipped was where I had broken my nail, all the other fingers are PERFECT still! <3 SO if you have the ability to get your hands on these, I would say blaze, glisten and polish are MUST HAVES.

Thanks for reading!!

Love and Sparkles,



donnamccrudden said...

Pretty! I bet they would look awesome with the China Glaze Crackle Metals!

Geo58 said...

I love the multi-color mani, one color on each finger, someone suggested that to me for a pedi, I can just see one color for every toe painted, LOL Yours is beautiful and just gorgeous nails...very pretty indeed.


George :)

DebbyL said...

OMG Donna You are SO right!!! I bet they would look perfect under ChG metallic crackles! <3

Thanks George!!

Pennie said...

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Manicured Monkey said...

ooo pretty! I bet they would stamp like a dream