Sunday, July 31, 2011

*Giggle*fest: China Glaze LOL (OMG)

Today's mani post is a SUPER OOBER SMOOPER DUPER one :D See IF you are a nail polish girl LIKE ME, you know that holo polishes are like the holy grail of nail polish.......high coveted and sought after. Especially linear holographic polishes. What is a linear holographic polish you ask. Well firstly a holo (or holographic polish) is one that shines like a rainbow in the sunlight. There are two types one that is scattered or has specks of holo graphic glitter in the polish, so it shines rainbow in the sun but speckled not in a line. Linear holographic is a polish that's holo particles are so small it makes the whole nail look holographic and it shines like a rainbow in lines down the nail.

Well I was lucky enough to get a few polishes from the China Glaze OMG line in a swap from my friend Kate :D (THANK YOU KATE!!) The China Glaze OMG line was from a few years back and is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO hard to find, so I feel SO blessed to have been able to get these. Kate so TOTALLY made my year with the 3 she sent me!! *love*

My pictures do NOT do it justice and this looks WAY better in person :D This polish is called "LOL"

I give you........ "Giggle"fest

(and as usual YES it's mess NO I don't care......PLUS ignore the pink on my thumb......that's what I get for painting my girls' toes pink right before I paint my fingers LOL HAHA)

and in the shade to see the color of the polish, it is a nice medium purple:

Thank you SO much for reading my mani post today!! :D

Love & Sparkles,

A Family of Pink Toes, to Kick Breast Cancer!!

SO today is paint your toes pink to show support for Breast Cancer Awareness!!

I am not normally a fan of feet pictures..........I don't like feet AT ALL *giggles* BUT it is for a good cause :D Take some time out to visit the Susan G Komen website and learn more about Breast Cancer Awareness and while you are there, please make a donation :D even $5 will help the cause!!

If you would like to join us and paint your toes pink today visit the Facebook event page for Pink Toes 4 Breast Cancer Day and join in the fun!!

So we decided to take this one step further and my two girls and I all painted our toes pink today!! So I give you "A Family of Pink Toes"

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

GLITTERWICHES!! : OPI Too Hot Pink to Hold Em' & Kleancolor Chunky Silver

EVERYTHING is better with a little glitter right!!?

Well I was inspired to do this mani by two of my polish friends:

Kristin & Tammy

See Kristin found one of the OPI Texas Jellies I wanted and is sending it to me and Tammy sent me this GLORIOUS swap box full of Kleancolors (including Chunky Silver) so I decided I would take a jelly polish I already have (OPI Too Hot Pink To Hold Em) and use KC Chunky silver that Tammy got me, to make a jelly sandwich mani! A jelly sandwich mani is where you sandwich a layer of glitter between layers of jelly polish. :D SO I give you......... "Glitterwiches"

*and AS ALWAYS.....yes it's I don't care" clean up happens later LOL

Two coats of OPI Too Hot Pink to Hold Em:

One Coat of Kleancolor Chunky Silver:

Finished product with 1 more coat of OPI Too Hot Pink to Hold Em and a top coat :D


Thanks for stopping in and reading my blog! :D

Love & Sparkles,

First Attempt Needle Drag Technique: Bright Summery Goodness....

Okay so I saw a post in a group I belong to where a girl used the needle drag technique to make this FABULOUS mani, WELL I decided I needed to try that right away but I wanted mine to be a tad different. (To see the other girl's mani and the video I watched to "get" it, stay tuned to the bottom of this post!!)

The colors I used:
China Glaze Black Diamond
Claire's Grasshopper
Finger Paints Dahlia My Number
Funky Fingers Kingston

The idea is to paint stripes and drag a pin through it to cause a streaking effect. LOVE!! Of course I figure with more practice I will get better :D

The pics I took are NOT the best but the sun wasn't the best that day.........

The post of the blogger who inspired me to do this mani, her's is DEFINITELY gorgeous and different than mine. I wanted mine to look more stripy.......of course I will eventually do one more like hers to look like a traditional tie dye :D

Here is the video I watched to learn the needle drag technique:

Thanks for stopping by!!

Love & Sparkles,


Far out in the Sand Man! ....... Finger Paints Psychedelic Sunshine and Funky Fingers Cayman Island

Okay so I have been bad and not posting my pics for a week......... *woops*

A week or so ago someone in a group I belong to started talking about how many yellows we each owned. Yellow is deffinately a color I wish I had more of............

SO that convo spawned this mani.........ladies and gentlemen I give you:

Far Out in the! (and's I don't care, it was still wet when I took these pics!)

2 coats of Funky Fingers Cayman Island.....which smells like bananas!! This is pretty sheer BUT I actually LOVE it!!! <3



Finger Paints Psychedelic Sunshine (2 coats) over top of FF Cayman Island without a top coat:

With top coat:


and just for kicks this is ALL the yellow I own (out of 280) .........and one is a striper! I NEED more yellow in my life!!

Thanks for checking out my blog and look for another post of my current mani later today!!

Love & Sparkles,


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pretty Pretty Shiny Shiny: Mirror Madness!!

SO over this past weekend my good friend Tisha came and gave me 5 new nail polishes BECAUSE SHE ROCKS!!! She gave me 5 different Avon Mirror Shines, which I had mentioned that I wanted to try *excited* These are my FIRST Avon polishes!!

Well you KNOW I couldn't pick which one to try first LOL.......

SO Mirror Shine skittles baby!! I give you "Mirror Madness"

AGAIN I didn't clean up before taking fact I slapped this polish on right before having to leave for all five of my kids' dentist appointments so I was afraid that I would ruin it before I came they weren't even dry in these pics! LOL

Avon Mirror Shine - Pink Ice, 2 coats

Avon Mirror Shine - Glisten, 1 coat!!!! Opaque in ONE coat! <3

Avon Mirror Shine - Blaze, 1 coat!!!! Opaque in ONE coat! <3

Avon Mirror Shine - Peach Ice, 2 coats

Avon Mirror Shine - Polish, 1 coat!!!! Opaque in ONE coat! <3

SO needless to say I am pleasantly suprized by the application and quality of this polish. I have had this on for 2 days and the only spot that chipped was where I had broken my nail, all the other fingers are PERFECT still! <3 SO if you have the ability to get your hands on these, I would say blaze, glisten and polish are MUST HAVES.

Thanks for reading!!

Love and Sparkles,


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Debby Against Drunk Driving..........a tribute to MADD and all who have been affected by a drunk driver.

I bring to you today a tribute to all of those who have been affected by a drunk driver. Any and ALL of these stories could have been changed by the simple act of calling someone or asking for help. We are adults and we should know better than to get in the car and drive after you have been drinking too much. Always know who your designated driver is and know your limits. If you are going to be out and have to drive home, stop drinking well before you will be leaving and don't leave until you have given enough time for it to wear off. Anything less is irresponsible! These stories have touched my heart and have even changed the way I will conduct myself as well. We all need to be more careful! You never know who's mommy or daddy, brother or sister, son or daughter you could harm if you make a bad decision.

My first story comes from a fellow polish addict, her story will be told through a video she created: *heart broken*

A mother passed away and a friend and sister lived through hell, because of some one's bad decisions

Next I bring you a story from a girlfriend of mine, Ms Tisha M: "Years ago, I had a couple of friends in college. They were both citizens who's parents immigrated form Pakistan. One was working 2 full time jobs to put the other (his younger brother) through college. One night a drunk in a pickup hit the younger brother head on. Hit him so hard that the pickup popped the hood and decapitated my friend. The car caught fire and by the time responders arrived all that was left was a burnt body. It was my first time in an Islamic Temple or to an Islamic funeral and it was gut wrenching that the family could only display a photograph. The older brother was inconsolable...."

:'( So young and taken too soon.....

Now we move on to a story from a mommy friend of mine Ms. Julie P: "When I was around 8, I think it was... or maybe it was 9? I lost a friend to a drunk driver. She had just turned 13. We used to take her and her older sister to church and youth group sometimes. It happened while I was in Idaho, visiting family. She was staying the night at a friend's house. The friend's mom got drunk and forced them (her, her friend and her friend's siblings) into the car. The drunk woman's children (3 of them, I think) were in the backseat. My friend was sitting in the front seat, but the seat belt was slashed. The drunk woman was driving over 100mph and flipped the car. She died instantly. Her children survived. My friend was in the hospital and was fighting for her life until she overheard a nurse talking about her condition and that the nurse didn't think she'd make it. She gave up after that. Her family had been trying to contact us, but we hadn't been home, as I said. I remember how I found out though... My sister wanted to take a walk with me and a few of my friends. She had gone into our apartment to ask permission while my friends and I waited outside the front door. Then my oldest sister came out and picked me up and I remember pushing away from her and yelling at her to put me down, but then she told me that my friend had been killed and I immediately stopped fighting her and began to cry. I cried and cried and cried. I think it was for an hour straight. My mom came home and I had just stopped crying. My face was all read, my eyes were puffy, I was blowing my nose. That's when she learned what had happened. My friend had been such an amazing, sweet person. I remember when we were in Idaho, my mom talking about how her grandpa had died when she was a kid and she said to me that she hoped I didn't have to experience anyone dying any time soon (up to that point, I hadn't). Then we came home to find out my friend had died while we were gone. I'll never forget her! I also remember driving to church one day in the car with her and she pointed up to the fluffy clouds and said she wondered if that was where God lived. I remember when I first heard she had died, remembering that moment and at least taking comfort in knowing that wherever Heaven is, she was there now with God. Even now, writing this, I'm tearing up. :'( "

I will forever think of all these precious souls lost too soon when I look up at the clouds, thanks for sharing Julie!

Next I have a story from an old high school friend of mine Dawn and this one was very recent and breaks my heart: "My cousin just got killed riding on a motorcycle with her bf who we believe was drunk! They left a wedding reception at 2am. Bf didn't see car and they hit making a turn. She flew off with no helmet. The Dr said she had not a single broken ...bone in her body. Her head took it all and it made her brain dead. The family was able to donate her organs which is helping them grieve. She was only in her 20's! Sad! We just laid her to rest today actually ;( "

WAY too young! *tears*

Now I bring you a story from my for lack of a better phrase *nephew in law* Will: "A close friend of mine that lived in Bolingbrook lost his wife one night after coming home from the bar...they were driving down Frontage Rd going towards the old neighborhood...Queenswood...​.and while they were arguing with each other she got mad and jumped out the van....she hit her head and died....then I think it was five years or so later when the same family still recovering from that and with dad being the parent ran his house the way he did...very relaxed like let there oldest son Kevin go out with friends and well they did a lot of drinking....and it was two or three in the morning they were coming back to Kevin's house on Queenswood and a lot of us from the old neighborhood is guilty for doing this but is one of those long street with no side walks but there is six street lights on that street and they gunned the van that they were driving in and started counting but one of the lights were out and they were over 80 mph and at the end of the road and went right into a bi-level ranch house and killed Kevin and a couple of his other friends as well....all because they thought it would be fun...sorry for it being all jumbled up....but I was really close to these ppl and trying to make the story as short as was in the news...this happened back in 2000 or 2001....Alcohol destroys so much and has destroyed a lot of ppl that I is really no good at all...I am really happy that I went sober years ago...and I thank Jesus that I didn't hurt anyone or my self like that when I was young and dumb...thank u for this post....c ya"

This post touches me because stuff like this happens all the time when you are young and haven't fully learned the real responsibilities you do as you grow older. It breaks my heart that this happened. :(

I also want to dedicate this to my SIL's cousin who also passed because of a drunk driver and my dear friend Diana's brother who passed away nine years ago this month from an accident as well but they are unsure if it was drinking or driving or not. RIP all you wonderful people who were taken from us too soon!! LOVE FROM HERE TO HEAVEN!!

And nails dedicated to everyone who have been affected by this issue. I painted them red to support MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Please take the time to check out their website here. If you have the funds please make a donation in the memory of all these missed loves. If not just take the time to make sure you don't drink and drive. Make sure YOU don't take away some one's loved ones with your decisions. We can all make a difference by consciously making the choice to not drive while intoxicated.

My nail: Claire's Poison Apple, with an accent finger of Funky Fingers Golden Coast and detailed with black striping. (ignore the tip wear I put another coat of top coat on then took a shower.....did some dishes scrubbed the stove........mopped the floor THEN took my pics LOL :/ )

and another random mani just because!! I would have done a post for this one but.......I took these crappy pics while I was doing it then proceeded to ruin half my nails right after I was done! LOL BOO to that! This is China Glaze Pelican Gray, then topped with Sally Hansen Night Lights (pic does NOT do it justice) then I added one finger of OPI red shatter for MADD.......

Thank you SO much for stopping by and taking the time to read my post!!

Until next time!

Love and Sparkles,


ADDED ON: I received a message today from my friend Diana about a friend of hers that has recently passed because of the actions of an irresponsible drunk driver, this was her message to me:

"So I know its over, but I too now have been affected by a drunk driver. My friend was riding his bicycle and a drunk driver hit him and took off left him in the street for 2 hours b4 a cop found his body. Thank goodness a neighbor called reported the damage on the guys car so they got the scumbag...heading to Decatur now to say goodbye to him. A great man R.I.P. Michael Wayne Wharton..sorry for depressing ya but I can't believe so soon after ur post my life would b affected by something like that :-( anyways woman have a great day"

Everyday we lose more and more wonderful and loved people to such a horrid preventable fate. Be responsible DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Top 10 Award :D

THANK YOU Glazed Talons for tagging me in in thier Top 10 Award blog post!!

Here are the Top 10 Award rules:
1. Thank the person who tagged you and link their blog.
2. Put the Top 10 award logo on your blog.
3. List your top 10 cosmetics.
4. Choose 10 bloggers to tag, link their blogs and let them know.

Here is a list of my top ten cosmetics: (I don't use to many different cosmetic items SO, I am adding in skin care and beauty items LOL)
1. Clinique Even Better Makeup (foundation)
2. BareEscentuals Mineral Veil
3. Buxom Lip Gloss
4. BareMinerals Eyecolors
5. Philosophy Hands of Hope Hand cream
6. Philosophy Hope in a Tube
7. Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash
8. Loreal Youth Code Serum
9. Clinique Foundation Brush
10. It's A 10 Miracle leave in conditioner

The ten bloggers I will tag are:
The Exotic Lacquer
Persnickety Polish
The Polished Momma
Chalkboard Nails
Crazy Beautiful Life
Tha & Kitty in the wonderland
I Heart Nail Polish
Bookworm Nails
Okay Now Joy
Amber Did It

Thanks for stopping in!!

Love & Sparkles,


Happy "Embrace Your Geekness" Day!!! - "Potter Party in Geekatopia"

Hey there everyone! HAPPY "EMBRACE YOUR GEEKNESS" DAY!!! Today is one of those obscure holidays that no one knows about....but I decided to celebrate it by doing a Harry Potter mani, since the new movie goes into theaters this weekend!! YAY!!! It's SO bitter sweet considering it's the last one. So this is for all my fellow "Potter" heads (LMFaO)

I give you "Potter Party in Geekatopia"

Pinky - Wands, Ring - stripes (like the scarves), Middle - Lightening Bolt, Index -
Harry's Glasses and Thumb - Sorting Hats

(obviously not cleaned up but I like letting them dry and washing my hands to get the edges clean.........SO you get to see messy pictures and I don't care LOL :D )

Thanks for stopping by and sharing in my geekness celebration! LOL

Love & Sparkles,


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Yesterday's Nail Mail - pretties in the mail make me happy!!

I got two packages yesterday.......... full of pretties!!

First about a week ago I won a giveaway from Lakeisha at "Refined and Polished"
here on blogger!! *yay* She shipped it SO quickly and I was SO excited to get it!! I am sharing a couple of my winnings with a couple close friends and that makes me feel even happier about it! In this package came: Zoya Shay, China Glaze For Audrey, Barielle Blossom,Orly Lollipop, SH Xtreme Wear Gunmetal, OPI Silver Shatter and she threw in a little bottle of OPI's Avojuice which is GREAT!! I had never tried that before!! She also included a cute little note from her! *AWE* I am giving this silver shatter to my closest girlfriend, her son broke hers by accident and I am happy to share my winnings so she can have a new one!! I am also giving the SH gunmetal to another friend of mine, who touched me with a story about how she gave a gunmetal polish she used to have to someone else *love* For me I am dying to try Shay since it is the only polish from the Zoya Touch collection that I wanted!! *yay* Also Orly Lollipop has been on my wish list for quite some time. So this was just an AWESOME win overall.

Next I got a swap package from My friend Kari at Got Polish Here on blogger!! I will be sending her a few polishes back. These are very pretty and I can't wait to put them on!! In this package was Icing Retro Girl, Ulta Limelight and Ulta Jaded. She also included a little bag, a lip balm (which my little girl keeps trying to claim from me) Some candies.......which my kids snagged and shared *giggles* a perfume sample and a scented remover pad. There was also an adorable puppy card with a note inside from her! *SO cute*

Thank you SO much Kari and Lakeisha!! Your packages made my day and I keep staring at the new polishes on my dresser every time I walk past them!! YUMMY!!

Thanks for checking out my blog!!

Love and Sparkles,


Monday, July 11, 2011

Heavy Metal Chocolate Zebras - Diamond Cosmetics Decadence

SO I finally decided to change my mani today.....but it was hard! So when I was picking out colors to use next, I decided to use a polish that my friend Tamala sent me! Diamond Cosmetics Decadence. I have had it for a couple weeks but there is always something going on, some theme I am trying to stick to or whatever. So I hadn't tried it yet! I have a habit of naming my manis..... LOL SO I call this Heavy Metal Chocolate Zebra, because of the metallic chocolate brown from the decadence and zebra print on the accent finger. There are two coats of Decadence on all of my fingers except my ring fingers. On my ring fingers I have 1 coat of Decadence and 1 coat of Zoya Reece. NOW for the pics!!

In the sun:

In the shade:

Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog!!

Love and Sparkles,


What's in my purse!!

Okay the lovely Ms.Ashley over at "Polished Components" tagged me in her "What's in my purse" post. Go check her out here:

Okay I am going to do this slightly different.........the idea is to dump your purse, answer the questions and tag 5 bloggers...........I can't for the life of me think of anyone who hasn't already done this one SO instead of tagging bloggers I am going to challenge my facebook friends to dump their purses, post pics and answer the questions!! DO IT DO IT DO IT!!

*Where did you get your purse, and how long have you had it?*
I got my purse from my closest friend, Melissa <3 (who will probably never read this.......) She gave it to me for my birthday last year. It technically is the only real purse I own and I do not carry it every time I leave the house LOL. I have been carrying it more and more lately though.

What are 3 must-haves in your purse?(Not including keys and wallet)
Phone, lip gloss and a hair tie

What is something you should have in your purse right now, but don’t?
(and this is funny because Ashley said the same thing but) Gum I always carry some but chewed my last piece last time I carried my purse........ LOL

What is the thing you have the most of in your purse right now?
This is hard because I don't carry much. SO I guess I can say "hair items" since there is a comb, a hair tie and a clip. But then again I could say makeup because I have a clinique compact and 2 glosses. I guess there is a tie!! LOL But there are also two receipts (because I am WAY too lazy to take them out evidently).

I have to add that normally I carry my ID and bank card and/or a little cash when I carry my purse so I don't have to carry my wallet, since it won't fit in my purse.


Love and Sparkles,


Friday, July 8, 2011

The Prettiness of Manis Past............

Okay I just LOVE my Caylee Anthony Mani SO much I can NOT take it off so I thought I would share pics of past manis that I have done. *maybe YOU think it's odd to take pictures of your nails but for's common practice!!* See I have found that when you get TRULY addicted to take pictures!! When I was couponing and being fabulous about it, I took pictures of my groceries!* AYE AYE AYE! So I love my polish..........and I take pics. I even take random pictures of my collection!! SO hang on this is going to be a wild ride! *giggles*

This is the most current picture of my collection...........yes I will get around to posting exactly what my collection consists of and EVENTUALLY I will post about my favorite brands and why, but for now you get to see a picture of my sea of pretties.

Random Mani pics!

Nails for my kids' recitals!! THAT was a fun mani (holding OPI Turq shatter which is OOBER yummy............)

Illamasqua Radium with OPI Turq shatter over it and an accent finger of China Glaze Fault Line Crackle.

Skittles nails for LGTB month!!

A different take on polka dots! :D (Teeez Cool a polish from overseas from my girl Kati!!)

Wet N Wild Sea Witch with a Color Club Revvvolution accent finger:

Nicole by OPI: "baby" blue from the JB collection

OPI Stranger Tides tipped with China Glaze Laser Lime

Catrice Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy with and accent finger of Catrice Dirty Berry (both over seas polishes from my friend Kati <3 )

my mani for Memorial Day:

Can't remember what polishes these were....but it was pretty LOL

Thank you for checking out my messy "work in progress" polish pics!!

Hope everyone is having a FANTASTIC weekend!! :D

Love and Sparkles,