Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Family of Pink Toes, to Kick Breast Cancer!!

SO today is paint your toes pink to show support for Breast Cancer Awareness!!

I am not normally a fan of feet pictures..........I don't like feet AT ALL *giggles* BUT it is for a good cause :D Take some time out to visit the Susan G Komen website and learn more about Breast Cancer Awareness and while you are there, please make a donation :D even $5 will help the cause!!

If you would like to join us and paint your toes pink today visit the Facebook event page for Pink Toes 4 Breast Cancer Day and join in the fun!!

So we decided to take this one step further and my two girls and I all painted our toes pink today!! So I give you "A Family of Pink Toes"

Thank you for stopping by!!

Love & Sparkles,


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Kari said...

LOVE this! I wish I had known about this event, I totally would have participated. But, alas, I have Katie holos on my toes now and I'm NOT taking that off for a while. ;) All three sets of tootsies look beautiful!