Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Everyone Needs a Little Red Polish: Glitter Gal Red Holo

Well the other day I got 2 gorgeous Glitter Gal Polishes in the mail from a polish loving friend of mine in Australia, Ms Sarah McAWESOME!! LOL Glitter Gal IS and Aussie brand and harder to come by in the states unless you know someone or want to pay outlandish shipping fees. With that being said, I was SOOOOOOOOOO excited to get these. they come in these OOBER cute tiny bottles and are linear holos. I just want to live in a sea of their beautiness!!

The first one I wanted to try was the Red one, I have never seen a red holo in person before so I was jumping out of my skin.........

I really wish these pics would show the holo goodness a bit more because I have AWESOME rainbows on my fingers!!

*sad note* I broke a nail doing hubby's job last weekend so I finally had to shorten my nails back so they are shorter Life happens, I will have to grow them back out. They were finally getting about the length I wanted to keep them too LOL

A pic of both of the Glitter Gal polishes Sarah sent me :D

THANK YOU SARAH, for sending me such AWESOME polishes YOU SO TOTALLY ROCK!!

Thanks for reading!!

Love & Sparkles,



Jenprewitt said...

i TOTALLY can't wait, she is sending me 2. I think the purple and a green one... :D I know I can go find the post, but I'd rather be surprised!!! \o/ yay!!!

♥ Claire ♥ said...

Woohoo!! :)