Tuesday, August 9, 2011

*First Class Frenchie* - French Tip Dip french mani - China Glaze First Class Ticket and Essie Kisses & Bises

I finally decided to put more effort into learning how to use my French Tip Dip. I won a French Tip Dip kit a while back from their facebook page here! I was intrigued by the idea of it to begin with so when I won it I was OVER THE TOP excited. When I got it I tried it right off the bat but it is a learned trait. I kept half scraping off the polish as I tried LOL. I gave up too soon. I decided yesterday I was going to try it again :D This time I used a lighter touch with it and it worked almost perfectly!! I figure a few more times and I will be able to use it super quick and easy *love*

So I am not a huge fan of the traditional french mani. I have done them in the past when I would get gel nails. But that was when I wasn't dedicated to keeping my nails painted. I would do that so I could at least have nice nails without the effort. BUT I see no point in that right now LOL. BUT I still love me some funky frenchie manis!! *LOVE LOVE*

FIRST here is what a French Tip Dip looks like:

and my mani *First Class Frenchie* I tipped it with China Glaze First Class Ticket, then covered the whole nail with Essie Kisses & Bises, then used a silver and black striper to add details. I am in LOVE with it right now actually :D

Order your own French Tip Dip here!!

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Liz said...

OMG I love it!!!

HollyG222 said...

pretty cool!!!

notorious A-N-G said...

thats awesome debby!! i'm inspired!

DebbyL said...

Thanks ladies!!!! <3

Jacki said...

This thing is SO neat!! thanks for sharing!

Angela said...

you can pat yourself on the back, you got me into my nails.. one of the girls i used to work with dedicated thursday nights to her nails, and i started painting them like once a month, but after reading your blog and seeing your fb postings i've been getting more into it!

DebbyL said...

That's AWESOME Angela!! <3 For me in the begining it was Every Thursday or Friday depending. But now it's way more LOL. <3 LOVE!!

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