Monday, August 8, 2011

*Magic Magic Magic* - OPI DS Magic

I recently got some polishes from a close friend of mine and one of them was a GORGEOUS blue...........obviously called Magic. In the bottle it has this fabulous pinkish flecking throughout the whole thing. The ONLY issue is it doesn't translate as well on the nail. You can still see it a bit but only from certain angles, in certain lighting :/ in fact even the bit you CAN see is dang near impossible to get on camera..........even IN the bottle. It is a very awesome color I just couldn't capture just how awesome it is in any of my pictures. With that being said here is what I DID get...........

and here in dim lighting was the only way I could ALMOST catch the pinkish flaking in the bottle......

It's definitely a great color to have. It will be TOTALLY awesome for the Bears season................once I find a great orange glitter :D

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Geo58 said...

Love the blue and silver tips and the accent nail matches how ingenious! Your nails are beautiful to begin with and this mnai is just super fabulous, and gorgeous Debby.


George :)

Jenprewitt said...

so I'm thinking Magic looks a lot like cc total mystery, SH Laser, and Orly Lunar Eclipse.

Manicured Monkey said...

pretty! you should check out kleancolors for their orange glitters/holos