Thursday, August 4, 2011

Totally Blue-tiful : Sally Hansen Insta Dry Teal-y Fast

Okay so recently Sally Hansen released their new fall 2011 line of Insta Dry polishes. Well when I saw the swatches on my girl Kristin's blog, Manicured Monkey I fell in love instantly with Teal-y fast, most teals I own are more green and this one is definitely more blue. SOOOOOOOOOOo pretty. Now there ARE a couple more from this line I think I will invest in, but Teal-y Fast was my instant love. I was actually extremely surprised I found it so soon after it came out considering the area I live in seems to get everything 2 months AFTER everyone else already has it. BOO TO THAT!! So I about jumped up and down when I saw it at Walgreens. Hahahaha I think a lot of people don't understand Sally Hansen, yes it is a drug store brand but a definite high quality one at that. I got hooked on polish because of Sally Hansen Xtreme wear polishes and I would wear my mani for a full week in the beginning. SO in my opinion because it is a drug store brand it is given a bad name. BUT I love my Sally Hansen's about as much as I love my OPI and Zoya polishes and that's saying something!! Now the thing with Insta Dry polishes is they have this wide flat contoured brush and it is just slightly too wide for my fingers. BUT the contoured tip is PERFECT and I wish all polishes would do that, it makes it a bit easier. I just wish it was slightly skinnier for my skinny nail beds. With that being said MOST people really like their brush and have no issues, I just have skinny nails *giggles* (at least SOMETHING on me is skinny right!!? *laughs hysterically*) ANYWAYS..........

I give you "Totally Blue-tiful" (I added one coat of Kleancolor Silver Star on my ring fingers....still not sure I like that part BUT o'well! It kind of looks like the stars have bubbles in the picture but they don't. I think it has something to do with the little glitters in it and the sun shining off the top coat LOL)

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Katie W. said...

Looks like I'll need to go back and buy this one! I already have "Bronze Ablaze", which I absolutely love! Hope Wags still has this one - they're selling like hotcakes!

thalie @ Glazed Talons said...

Love this color on you. Sally Hansen does make some pretty polishes and this one is a stand out!